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 RP request

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PostSubject: RP request   RP request Icon_minitimeSun Oct 19, 2008 12:26 pm

Yes I was wondering if would be interested in doing Rp with based on fanfiction. I dun know how spankers are here so yeah but I know you will love my Obito if you chose to accept my request and be Minato XD here is the link to my fanfic I will put more chapter up once I get more reviews. The only small change will Obito will not cuss here as he does in my story seeing this is a site for 13 and up but I am sure most of you will not care about that. XD After he will still small and non cuss words like stupid, dumb, jerk and idiot. cute stuff like that,


In Return of Minato being the spanker if like say your wanted Sakumo aka Kakashi's dad to spank him I would be him in that place.
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RP request
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